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Keep up to date with the latest engagement marketing trends and find out how finally, everyone can surprise and surpass the communication with the customers. Learn how to improve your tasks efficiently as a marketer and follow closely this increasingly fragmented privacy-centric industry.



In the last two decades, the landscape of martech has grown by over 5.000%, according to chiefmartech.com. Data transformed the marketers’ day-by-day, the consumers are more and more exigents, and they want to have a word in their love brands. As if this were not enough, the growth and enthusiastic technological evolution are side-by-side with financial and health crises that have caused severe readjustments in the marketing structures. There are not enough resources to dominate all the complexity of todays’ marketing.

In the engagement niche, this complexity adds a factor of the most significant relevance and determinant for a brand’s success or disaster – the direct relationship with consumers requires rigor, consistency, and relevance.

GETbizz essentially seeks to support marketing teams by automating data from customer processes and campaigns, which have been mostly manual, and therefore more susceptible to human error. Thus, for more incredible and better productivity, the GETbizz platform can manage customer data with the best data normalization and deduplication algorithms. Through 4 direct communication channels, it provides the most appropriate business intelligence reports to satisfy your needs.

Here, in the GETbizz blog, we will talk about all of these things and even more.

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Our days’ significant problem for marketing leaders is leveraging their tech stack, losing potential opportunities for engagement and analysis untapped. Why? Because they are not getting all the marketing tools to work together.

With GETbizz, all your customer’s touchpoints can be connected and put to work with data cleaning processes so that you will be able to ultra-personalize your communications and boost sales.



Integrated touchpoints allow that the life journey will feed the purchase funnel’s communication (blast or automated), from lead to complete loyalty with systematic ROI’s measurement and increase of lifetime values. 

We’ll talk and give you tips about the 4 direct channels – Email, SMS, Push Notifications, and Direct Mail. In this way, you can engage better with your customers to improve their loyalty and foster repeated purchases.


We know how much marketers love their data. Our vision is in line with this, giving analytics step-by-step and growing with the data science needs of any company, in particular.

Tracking the sales and customer data, evaluating the marketing efforts, and gauging KPIs, will prevent wasting resources on unnecessary measures and be assertive on those that matter.

"Taking advantage of our vast know-how, we incorporated the best technology and created a GDPR built-in SaaS - a data & communication hub to reinforce the marketing engagement. GETbizz effectively and innovatively addresses the challenge of digital and multichannel integration (from sales to personal data) for intelligent and ultra-personalized communication."
Ana Beirão
One to One CEO & Founder

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